Fit Friday: Lean and Mean Veggie Machines + GIVEAWAY!

Welcome to Fit Friday week #2!

This weeks theme:


For many years I convinced myself, in my personal life and career, that animal protein is the only quality protein that create and build muscle. I was wrong. Instead of telling you how I was wrong, I’m going to show you!

picture source

Derek Tresize. Vegan bodybuilder since 2007

‘Having a diet requiring 6000 calories a day, it’s astounding to know that Derek earned his muscle mass through a raw vegan diet. It is a common prenotion that vegans have a protein deficiency, but as Derek proves, plants provide all the protein anyone would need. “Animals consume massive amounts of resources and essentially convert plant protein into its own muscle tissue, so why not just skip the middle man?” ‘  Raw Lifestyle

Bill Pearl four time Mr. Universe

‘Never heard of a famous vegetarian bodybuilder? Bill Pearl is probably the most well-known of vegetarian bodybuilders. At his own peak as a bodybuilder when he last won the Mr. Universe in 1971 He won the professional Mr. Universe title in 1971, at the age of 41, without the use of steroids and as a vegetarian, and is recognized as one of the all-time greats of bodybuilding. Bill’s diet is lacto-ovo vegetarian, which means he eats eggs and dairy products.’  The Vegetarian Bodybuilder

   Mac Dazing UFC fighter. Vegan since 2004.

 “Mac Danzig was the winner of The Ultimate Fighter 6, and is currently under contract with the UFC. He’s also a vegan, and an animal rights activist.”  Picture and information source 

Jim Morris bodybuilder age 72 in this pic  source

Jim also falls into my last weeks category of; Defying Age! How awesome is he? Working it from both angles, meat free and age defiant!

‘The former Mr. New York (1966), Mr. California (1970) and Mr. Universe (1977) was interviewed by online health magazine Frugivore about his five-decade-long body-building career and vegan diet. That’s right, those muscles come from a diet stripped of animal products and byproducts (he became a vegetarian at 50 and a vegan at 65).’ Huffington Post

Other non meat athletes; Serena Williams, Mike Tyson, Joe Namath, Billie Jean King, Carl Lewis

OK, now for the good stuff! My friend, John, at About Time Protein has come to me with some new supplements to try. This time a brand called Altrient. They sell only two high performance products:

Altrient C:A very highly bioavalable and a powerful antioxidant Vitamin C.

Altrient ME: (ME=More Energy). A super Vitamin B complex is the perfect pare to this post because as we know those individuals practicing a meat free diet are higher risk for Vitamin B12 deficiency. Supplementing almost becomes essential to this lifestyle. This energy is clean. No sugar. No caffeine. Just a rich blend of all the B’s!

Gluten free and vegan friendly

I love the story of Altrient’s start and their foundation of the healing powers of the body when given the right nutrients. The packaging is unique to the company that may help with the bio-availability of the nutrients. I gave the product a thumbs up. I like how the company focuses on only two key quality elements that they believe to be the foundation of good health. This was good for me, I actually reminded me of the health benefits  of vitamin C; as a collage source for skin repair also aiding in skin wrinkling, can help prevent heart disease, and strengthens your immunity. Vitamin C is actually thee most studied, and safest, vitamin with over 100 possible health benefits.  Now we want you to try it. John has volunteered to give a ONE MONTH SUPPLY of EACH supplement to YOU! This is generous  gift so please enter, your body will love you for it.

To enter:

Do any one for one chance, two for two chances or all three to triple your chance!

1. Leave me a nice comment 🙂

2. Like Altrient on FB

3. Retweet on twitter or repost on your FB timeline

(open to continental US residents only)

Winner to be announce next Fit Friday, entries will be taken until Thursday 28th 5pm.

Happy Turkey Day! Gooble Gooble.


I am happy to announce SPORTS BRA AND SIPPY CUPS AS THE WINNER! I will be in contact with you soon! CONGRATS!!!

20 thoughts on “Fit Friday: Lean and Mean Veggie Machines + GIVEAWAY!

  1. I LOVE this! This is SO encouraging to me as I started a vegetarian lifestyle recently. I am getting my protein in, but was worried I was not getting enough as I am doing an intensive ST workout P90x. To know of these sources is very helpful and I now have resources to get me better informed. Thank you for this!

  2. Midst the season on Thanksgiving, I am super grateful for all that you share! You encourage and inspire me daily! Thank you thank you. My family is 4 months into a vegan diet. Very new and always seeking knowledge. My husband is training for an ironman, so this post has been very helpful! Thank you so much.

  3. I also, am 4 months into Vegetarian diet- My family is not. This pictures were not only HOT, but also encouraging! I know my IDEAL image of myself can be accomplished!! Thanks!!

  4. Great article! I’ve never heard of any vegan or vegetarian body builders, I’m not a huge meat eater and only do it for the protein.

  5. I LOVE this post! It’s awesome to see more athletes like this and that it IS possible to be plant-based and strong. The body really needs the end product of glucose as energy to build. I use a product called lypospheric vitamin C and AGE-blocker which contains a variety of B’s and other nutrients. Good stuff. This product sounds neat too!

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