About Me

Besides working on my food photography, recipes and researching new fun topics and trends, I do work! And not only do I work, I LOVE what I do.  Currently (and hopefully for the rest of my career), I am employed by VA of Central Iowa where  I work clinically in the rehabilitation and restorative unit. Other credentials include:
  • Current member of Central Iowa District Dietetic Association (CIDDA) with 3 years involvement serving as President, Vice-President and Secretary.
  • Member of the Iowa Dietetic Association
  • Independent nutrition consultant and business owner of Managed Macros
  • Clinical experience in wound healing, dysphagia, diabetes and all areas of medical nutrition therapy.
  • Previous Co-chair in The Kids Take Flight when Kids Eat Right 5k/1k.
  • Publication in the VA Employee Health Promotion Disease Prevention Guidebook with  features in Momentum Magazine and The Des Moines Register
  • Board certified as Gerontological Nutrition Specialist (CSG)

Being involved in these local and national memberships keeps me current with the latest research in nutrition, food and nutrition in public policy, while giving me opportunity to be involved within community nutrition needs and networking with community experts. I am a proud advocate for the field of dietetics.

On a personal note I have a strong passion for fitness in all its dynamics. I love running and compete in local long and short distance races annually. Jump roping and strength training are a daily/weekly part of my workout but I enjoy everything from yoga to tractor tire flipping!
Currently I live with my boyfriend, Brian, who you will see often on my blog. My son Tre and our 2 cats; Stan and Clove. We hope too expand our family of 4 to include a bouncing baby puppy at some time.
I am passionate about good health in all its aspects; body, mind and spirit. Practicing what I preach is my foundation. Living what I teach is my way of life. Please enjoy.
Teri L. Collins RD CSG LD

One thought on “About Me

  1. Hi Terri
    I came across your blog looking for a recipe for black bean polenta pie and am very impressed and inspired! I am also a registered dietitian at a rehab hospital on Cape Cod Massachusetts. I love you photograph, commentary and passion for what you do. Keep up the amazing work!

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