Managed Macros?

What are ‘Managed Macros?’

Macro-nutrients are the essential nutrients that your body needs in large (macro) amounts. These large nutrients include; carbohydrates, protein and fat. While it is essential these nutrients work together, separately they all play significant roles in maintaining a healthy body.
At Managed Macros I believe that not all individuals are the same, so why should their nutrition be? Individuals are unique, with different nutrition and fitness goals, genetics, lifestyles, behaviors concerning foods and food preferences.  Managed Macros considers this when working with you to achieve a nutrition plan that is tailored to individual needs.
My goal is to help you manage your nutrition (your macros) while managing (Managed +Macrosbehaviors to develop a healthy attitude toward food that will last a life time.


Managed Macro Principles

Manage behaviors first. Before any nutrition plan can be implemented, behaviors have to be considered. Writing down calorie and protein needs is the easy part of any lifestyle plan. The difficult part is unveiling the resistance to change.  I have adopted the phrase, “You can’t put the cart before the horse” when it comes to behavior management. If the horse’s name was ‘behavior’ the carts name would be ‘nutrition.’ Putting nutrition first (the cart) without addressing behaviors, such as barriers to change, limits movement forward resulting in short term compliance to lifestyle change. However when behavior change happens first, lifestyle transition becomes smoother which builds confidence and self-esteem that results in long term changes that last a lifetime. Behavior change is difficult but not impossible; a managed lifestyle is built on managed behaviors.

Eat and organic apple a day. Eat an organic apple a day. One good trait builds others. While shaping the behavior the nutrition foundations is built. An organic apple is chemical free, fiber rich, antioxidant full, heart healthy, endurance building  and appetite controlling.

It is not about eating less, it’s about eating right. Proper nutrition is about giving your body the fuel it needs to prevent illness, optimize health and promote longevity. Weight loss can be achieved following a calorie restricted diet consisting of processed food but you can live longer and healthier by not counting calories and focusing on fresh. Quality nutrition is a dynamic component to physical development and emotional health. To shape behaviors and build relationships with food, focus on food quality first with quantity second.

Adopt a healthy lifestyle without judgement. Part of having a Managed lifestyle is being able to remove judgement from other lifestyles. Whether you are a raw-vegan animal right activist or a pig farmer enjoying fresh bacon every morning for breakfast, it is important to recognize that individuals are unique, lifestyles are personalized and food can be spiritual. This principle is part of my adopted philosophy, “there are many paths to the same summit.” Embrace your lifestyle while supporting those of others. Different does not equate wrong.

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