Wilted Arugula and Egg PizzaManaged Macro Services 
Weight loss – for optimal health and wellness 
Mass gain -for those seeking nutrition related to muscle growth 
Body sculpting – body fat loss to show off that lean muscle mass that was worked hard for! 
Vegetarian – looking to become more or all plant based, this service covers all the benefits of consuming a plant based diet. 
Medical  Nutrition Therapy – diabetes, blood pressure or cholesterol control. 


Initial Consultation.  Your first visit starts with a comprehensive gathering of information; health/medical, medications, physical activity, 3 day food history, and food preferences. A review of this information is utilized to create a personalized nutrition plan that meets your needs and your lifestyle.  Caloric and macro-nutrient recommendations and any specific concerns are addressed at this time.


Initial consultation with nutrition plans and recommendations: $75.00.
Initial consultation with nutrition plans, recommendations and 3, 30 minute follow ups: $180.00.
Initial consultation with nutrition  plans, recommendations and 7, 30 minute follow ups: $295.00.


Initial consultation is generally 60 minutes
Follow ups can be in office, grocery store or at your home for; food prep, refrigerator/pantry make over, meal planning ect.

Drop in/Add on rates (after initial consultation )
15 min $25.00
30 min  $40.00
60 min  $75.00

Contact me:

Teri L. Collins RD CSG LD
amber and hyvee

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